What motivates Asian executives to leave or stay with their companies?  A recent survey by Russell Reynolds Associates and CEB of over 1000 Asian senior executives details the Employment Value Proposition (EVP) drivers for executives working in Asia and compared them to the rest of the world.  The top EVP drivers for Asia were compensation, respect, and leadership repuation and, in nearly all cases, lead the Rest of the World in these categories.

One interesting finding was the EVP driver on the organization's commitment for ethics and integrity was significantly higher in India than the rest of the world.  Another interesting note is to see that Singapore executives lag the rest of the world on Organizational Ethics as an EVP driver. 

Ethics is something discussed at length in both the Temple Executive MBA and the Master of Human Resource Management





In January, the Fox Online MBA received a No. 1 national ranking by U.S. News & World Report. Two months later, the program has been recognized as the sixth-best program in the world, according to QS TopMBA.

Fox’s program jumped six places, from No. 11 in QS TopMBA’s 2014 report to No. 6 in this year’s ranking, which was released March 26.

The QS TopMBA Distance/Online MBA ranking is said to be the first global ranking of distance and online MBA programs. The survey, which is primarily reputation-based, collects feedback from employers of the online MBA students they recruit. QS uses 18 metrics to arrive at its rankings, including: AACSB accreditation; work experience; completion rate; diversity; faculty-to-student ratio; and average GMAT scores, among others.

Join Dr. Isaac Gottlieb as he teaches you to unleash the power of Excel to solve decision problems you thought couldn't be solved!

Management science has developed mathematical models to solve complex decision making problems. The best way to apply these mathetical model is through Excel. Dr. Gottlieb will demonstrate why Excel is the best platform for solving complex management science problems. You'll learn to:

  • Use Excel faster and in a more efficient way
  • Demonstrate the the solutions to your audience
  • Use data mining for small data sets or extract meaningful information from hundreds of thoughts of rows in seconds

Dr. Gottlieb will use examples from practical applications and disciplines such as accounting, finance, manufacturing, operations and many more. You can apply these techniques to commerical or non-profit organizations in the public and private sector.

Who will benefit?

The Fox School of Business’ Part-Time MBA program earned the highest ranking it has ever attained, reaching No. 20 in U.S. News & World Report’s latest rankings.

The Fox School Part-Time MBA improved 33 places, from No. 53 in last year’s report. This marks one the best single-year improvements of any part-time MBA program that was ranked by U.S. News in both 2015 and 2016. The Fox Part-Time MBA program is also the highest-ranked part-time MBA in the Greater Philadelphia region.

The distinction is part of U.S. News’ 2016 Best Part-Time MBA rankings, which were released March 10, 2015.

“We are excited by the latest U.S. News ranking, which recognizes our Part-Time MBA as one of the nation’s programs on the rise,” said Dean M. Moshe Porat. “We look forward to further enriching our Part-Time MBA program and to continue helping today’s business professionals evolve into tomorrow’s executives.”

Organizations that learn to develop high performing work teams are the most successful in their industry. So why don't more companies use teams? Join David Barker, Adjunct Professor for Temple University Singapore top ranked MSRHM program, as he shares how to overcome the most common obstacles and set your organization or department on a path to success. The concept of teams is not new and yet many businesses fail to take full advantage of the opportunity.  Is it due to a lack of understanding or poor implementation? Click here to register for this Knowledge Leadership series to find out more.


A professor from Temple University Singapore’s Fox School of Business has been named a Microsoft MVP.

Professor of Statistics Dr. Isaac Gottlieb, whose passion for teaching students the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel, earned distinction as one of Microsoft’s 2015 Most Valuable Professionals. This marks the second straight year Gottlieb has been so recognized.

Microsoft’s MVP Award is presented to exceptional community leaders who are committed to sharing their technical expertise and real world knowledge of Microsoft products within their community and with Microsoft.

It all started with a simplified idea, Gottlieb said. After teaching separate software methods to students studying varying subjects, he said he sought out to find a “one-stop shop” to make learning easier for students. Microsoft Excel was his portal, and he’s come to perfect the system.

Is there a link between the unique characteristics of the Singaporean economic and social milieu and the rapid emergence of entirely new ways of thinking (ideas) driving a whole variety of industries and business activities that have the potential to revolutionize the world economy? Join Dr. James Portwood as he explores how any effort to gain economic traction that does not recognize the importance of where and how these ideas come into being and how they are commercialized will likely be doomed to failure. Click here to learn more.

Research out of the Fox School, inspired by Hoarders, shows that you can become more efficient at your job just by clearing your workspace clutter.

A professor from Temple University’s Fox School of Business found inspiration for her research in a rather unconventional place.

Inspired by the television show, Hoarders, Dr. Boyoun (Grace) Chae and co-author Dr. Rui (Juliet) Zhu found during a three-year research study that efficiency and persistence suffered among people whose work conditions were untidy.

Harvard Business Review recently featured the findings of their research study, which was originally published by the Journal of Consumer Research in April 2014.

Hoarders, that’s where the idea started from,” said Chae, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at the Fox School. “It’s a critical issue in society. Think about why people really cannot throw things away. I think it’s a reflection on peoples’ preoccupation with what they have. People buy products and they have control over what they consume, but, ironically, people are overwhelmed with their possessions.”

Investing in a foreign country is rife with risks that can effect your business. In today’s increasingly global, and increasingly unstable business environment, country risk analysis allows firms to determine how to allocate their investments with the optimal risk-return trade-off. In this session, we will discuss recent events that have changed the terms of global trade, including the increase in trade barriers, tarriffing, and expropriation. Professor Lauren Regan will walk the audience through the factors that are often used to measure country risk, and discuss forecasts for doing business in the global economy in 2015 and beyond.

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Is there a way to provide negative feedback so the receiver hears the message and reacts positively? Join Dr. Deanna Geddes, an expert on anger in the workplace, as she discusses a strategy that managers and HR Practitioners can employ do just that. She'll discuss:

  • Understanding the complexity of communication
  • Recognizing successful managers adopt a “receiver-oriented” view of effective communication and act as coaches, not cops
  • Learning ways to enhance employee perceptions of “fair & accurate” performance feedback
  • Identifying message forms that increase employee acceptance and illustrate manager support
  • Learning the script for providing negative feedback and constructive direction

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