A Competitive Strategy Perspective: Technology Innovation and Globalization

Can globalization strategies enable and foster opportunities for technology spillover and innovation?

Dr. Frank Azuola, a professor in the Temple University Executive MBA (EMBA) program in Singapore, explores the three main perspectives related to the impact of globalization on technology spillover and innovation. First, country-level competitive strategies geared towards globalization are analyzed. Second, strategies adopted by firms for global leadership are reviewed. Lastly, the paradigm shift in globalization brought along by the Digital Economy is discussed.

Countries looking for opportunities to attract foreign direct investment, adopt competitive strategies to help them become more desirable targets to investors. In its various forms, foreign direct investment brings along opportunities for economic benefits to the host countries, including technology spillover and innovation. Following varied globalization strategies, firms move out of their local environment, setting targets outside of their home base, in order to seek growth, expansion, and cost-saving opportunities. As the presence and use of the Internet becomes ubiquitous around our planet, opportunities for globalization along with technology spillover and innovation are no longer exclusive of countries and firms, but are also open to individuals.

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