Does Language Shape our Economy? Free Seminar and Whitepaper

Gender discrimination varies vastly across nations - an outcome that most would ascribe at least partly to culture. If culture is transmitted via languages, as Douglas North asserts, grammar difference should line up with gender discrimination. This talk presents new empirical evidence that gender distinctions in language are strongly correlated with female labor-force participation and the use of gender political quotas.

What will be discussed:

1)  Female/male distinctions in grammar

  • Number of Genders

  • Sex-Based

  • Gender-Assignment

  • Gender-Pronouns

2)  Female labor force: Participation and occupational choices

3)  Female political participation and gender political quotas

Download Dr. Shoham's supporting white paper or register to attend the complimentary Knowledge Leadership Series (KLS) event on 30 July.

About Dr. Amir Shoham

Amir Shoham (PhD) teaches in the Temple University Singapore Executive MBA (EMBA) program.  He holds degrees in Economics and Business Administration from Ben-Gurion University. He is Senior Lecturer at The School of Business Administration, The College of Management, Israel and is currently on the faculty of the finance department at the FOX School of Business Temple University. Dr Shoham also teaches in academic institutions in other countries including China, France and Israel. In previous years he was on the Board of Directors of two public firms. Recently, he has published articles in Journal of International Business Studies, Applied Economic Letters, and Journal of Socio-Economics.

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