Exploring Excel with a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

Join Dr. Isaac Gottlieb as he teaches you to unleash the power of Excel to solve decision problems you thought couldn't be solved!

Management science has developed mathematical models to solve complex decision making problems. The best way to apply these mathetical model is through Excel. Dr. Gottlieb will demonstrate why Excel is the best platform for solving complex management science problems. You'll learn to:

  • Use Excel faster and in a more efficient way
  • Demonstrate the the solutions to your audience
  • Use data mining for small data sets or extract meaningful information from hundreds of thoughts of rows in seconds

Dr. Gottlieb will use examples from practical applications and disciplines such as accounting, finance, manufacturing, operations and many more. You can apply these techniques to commerical or non-profit organizations in the public and private sector.

Who will benefit?

  • Any professional spending more than 10 hours a month using Excel
  • Decision makers at any level looking to strengthen his/her decision making abilities

The full day course runs 26 March. Click here to register. Dr. Gottlieb is also available for in-house training.

About Dr. Isaac Gottlieb

Dr. Gottlieb holds a Ph.D., a Master of Philosophy and a Master of Science from Columbia University in New York (USA). He is a well-respected Professor and Lecturer in the areas of Management, Decision Support Systems, and Computerized Manufacturing. He teaches as part of the highly ranked Temple University Singapore Executive MBA program. Dr. Gottlieb is a consultant in the areas of MIS and Decision Support Systems. Some of the organizations consulted include: NYC Fire Department, NY State Medical, NY Stock Exchange, Israel Aircraft Industries, the DOD and Bet-Shemesh Jet Engines.

Known as the Excel Guru and a Microsoft MVP, Dr. Gottlieb is also the author of the book Next Generation Excel: Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBAs (Wiley Finance, 2013) and has trained over 10,000 analysts and professionals from leading multinational companies and from small private business corporations on the use of computer tools for risk analysis and decision making. Download Dr. Gottlieb's first chapter of the Next Generation Excel: Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBAs.

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