Leveraging Connectivity to Enhance your Organization’s Value Creation Process

International business scholars know that the world is not flat.  Ghemawat and other IB scholars have made this case in demolishing Thomas Friedman’s argument of a level competitive playing field between rich and poor countries.  Important barriers remain, but the world is becoming increasingly connected through organizations, people, technology and social media, and this global connectivity has exploded in scale and scope over the last decade.  Global networks underpin the interlacing megatrends that are shaping the world economy and will determine its course over the coming decades. 

Join Dr. Ram Mudambi as he discusses:

  • The first megatrend is the shift from trade-in-goods to trade-in-activities.
  • The second megatrend is the rise of knowledge-intensive intangibles.
  • The third megatrend is the rise of emerging markets

Connectivity is operationalized in global networks through “pipelines” created and maintained by MNEs, and through personal and social networks within far-flung Diasporas.  The three megatrends enabled by connectivity raise fundamental research questions about the nature of the world economy in the coming decades.  These questions concern immobile locations, as well as mobile firms and individuals.

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Dr. Ram Mudambi teaches as part of the top ranked Executive MBA (EMBA) program at Temple University Singapore. 

Dr. Mudambi's research focuses on strategic decision-making in a variety of contexts including knowledge management, IPO-related issues and political institutions. His current research projects focus on the geography of innovation and governance in knowledge-intensive firms.  His research is at the intersection of international business and economic geography.  His research has appeared in the Strategic Management Journal, the Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of International Business Studies, the Journal of Business Venturing and the Journal of Applied Statistics, among others. He serves on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of International Business Studies, the Asia Pacific Journal of Management and the Journal of International Management. He has been a Guest Editor for the International Business Review and the Journal of International Management.

Dr. Mudambi is an Academy of International Business (AIB) fellow and has twice been selected to advise the Council of Experts for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s (UNCTAD) World Investment Report.

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