Negotiating Across Cultures; Toward Mutual Understanding

Join Dr. Arthur Hotcher, a faculty in the Singapore MSHRM and EMBA program, as he discusses the importance of conducting negotiations with mutual respect and strive toward mutual understanding.  The talk will be based on his white paper "Negotiating Across Cultures; Toward Mutual Understanding" and will include a lively Q&A session.  Register for the 20 November talk.

A snipet from Dr. Hotcher's white paper.  Click here to download the full white paper.

In transforming Singapore from a poor colony into a rich, modern, and influential city-state, Lee Kuan Yew knew the importance of working with Singapore’s cultural mix and with multi-national companies from other cultures. That makes the topic of cross-cultural negotiation, which forms a significant portion of my teaching, an apt one for this venue. Of course, as an American, I have to be aware of the pitfalls of my culturally based expectations and behaviors. Too often, however, cultural differences in negotiating style are not sufficiently taken into account.

I have often used a Harvard Business School case2 in my MBA negotiation class that illustrates this point: Seeing opportunity in China’s booming market, an American chemical company sought in the early 2000s to form a joint venture with a state-owned Chinese chemical firm that was trying to transform itself into a public company with government as a major shareholder. The negotiations stalled and ultimately failed...

About Dr. Hotcher

Dr. Arthur Hochner has been a valuable member of the Fox School’s faculty since 1978, after he received his Ph.D from Harvard University. Over a thousand undergraduate and graduate students have benefited from his courses on power and negotiation, which rely on student participation in experiential exercises. With 18 years of hands-on union-management negotiation experience, Professor Hochner brings unique insight and perspective to the classroom. Dr. Hochner’s writings focus on employee participation in decisions, employee ownership, unemployment and job loss, and labor relations in higher education. He has published scholarly articles in Industrial Relations and Academy of Management Journal, co-authored two books and had opinion articles published in prominent newspapers such as the Philadelphia Inquirer. His service to the American Federation of Teachers was honored at its 2002 convention.



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