Is Your Management Team Designed for Success?

On September 6, 2014, a few days before Apple was set to hold its “annual show” in Cupertino, CA., Fortune magazine published a short story titled: “Look who now works for Apple” and a list of 28 recent hires at Apple.

The list includes: two former Burberry executives (including its former CEO), two former Yves St Laurent executives (including its former President); three senior executives from Vital Connect –a venture that integrates vital health data and technology via wireless networks; two top mobile payment executives from JP Morgan-Chase and Visa; a fitness guru and consultant to Nautilus, Gatorade, Schwinn and Nike.

Collectively the list is a lot of food for thought. It offers a window on what Apple’s strategy and trajectory of their likely moves in the near future. The list reminds us of a cliché: organization is a reflection of its top people.

What will be discussed:

  • Top management team’s specializations make a difference to the ways firms respond to major strategic threats – threats that can possibly put the firms out of business
  • The mere presence of a ethnic-immigrant member in the top management team can make a difference to strategic orientation of the firms
  • Demographic characteristics, notably, age of the team, heterogeneity in the team, can make a difference to the speed with which firms pursue change and consequences of the changes

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Dr. Chaganti has served in several leadership positions, including Chair of the Strategic Management Department, founding Executive Director of the Institute of Global Management Studies, and co-editor of the Journal of International Management. He has organized several national and international conferences, including “Managing Financial Risks and Opportunities in Asian Markets” and “Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions – Regional and Global Perspectives.”

Dr. Chaganti earned his doctoral degree from State University of New York at Buffalo and attended the International Teacher’s Program at Harvard Business School. He also holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta.

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