Research by a professor from Temple University’s Fox School of Business found that good vibes in the workplace, unfortunately, might be good for nothing.

Dr. In-Sue Oh’s research into organizational behavior and human resources found that organizational cynicism has a greater tendency to impact an employee’s job performance than does organizational trust.

Oh’s research is featured within a co-authored paper, titled, “Antecedents and Consequences of Employee Organizational Cynicism: A Meta-Analysis,” which was published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior and featured in Human Resource Executive Online.

So in this installment of the age-old battle good vs. bad, bad likely wins out.

As part of its HR Circle, Temple University Singapore is pleased to announce the next event in the series.  Jonas Covey, MSHRM class of 2012, will present "Why You Would Want to Create an Inclusive Culture" on 10 September.  Jonas works as Asia Pacific HR Process Transformation and Operational Excellence Manager for Caterpillar Asia Pte Ltd.
Below is a synoposis of his presentation.  Interested in attending?  Please click here to register.

"Many organizations focus too narrowly on building a diverse workforce; however, diversity requires creating and sustaining an inclusive culture as well.  Research showed that organizations with strong diversity and inclusive cultures are more innovative and achieve higher financial returns. 
Join this HR Circle to discuss what inclusion is, its business case, and to share what you and your peers are doing to create inclusive cultures at the workplace."

Professor Deckop will explore the issues of the male-female earnings gap and what corporations might do about it.  He’ll begin the discussion with data on the earning gap in South Asia and worldwide and then proceed to evaluate the range of possible explanations for the earning gap.  From there he’ll discuss possible initiatives that corporations can take to investigate the earning gap in their organizations and provide remedies where deemed appropriate.  Specifically, he’ll focus on the roles of job evaluations and market benchmarking.  These practices can perpetuate an earning gap in corporation or serve as a means to eliminate it.
The seminar will take place on August 20, 2014 at 7 pm.
Professor John Deckop teaches as part of Temple University Singapore’s Masters of Human Resource Management (MSHRM) program.
About Professor John Deckop

Temple University in Singapore invites current students, alumni and the business community to attend a cocktail reception on 22 August at the ERC Institute.  The event will feature Dr. William Aaronson, Associate Dean from Temple University's Fox School of Business.  Click here to register now for the complimentary cocktail reception.
Temple University in Singapore offers two Master-level programs -- a top ranked Executive MBA and the Master of Science in Human Resources Management (MSHRM) -- and executive education courses.

Temple University’s Fox School of Business welcomed more than 100 guests to the HUB for a July 15 reception to celebrate the relocation of its executive master of business administration program and the launch of a new executive doctorate of business administration program. Both will be housed at the HUB at Commerce Square, located at 20th and Market streets.
This marks the first time in nearly three decades that Fox School’s EMBA has been offered within the city limits. Formerly the program was housed at the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center in Malvern, Pa.
At the reception, current and prospective students, faculty and alumni took in the HUB’s lush facilities and modern amenities on ushered tours of its second-floor suites. In close proximity to major interstate highways, AMTRAK, SEPTA Regional Rail and the Philadelphia International Airport, the HUB will foster an expanded market reach for Fox School’s EMBA program, which earned a top-20 ranking nationally by Financial Times.

“Are you risking it all?”
Risk Management for Business Seminar
Risks to your company can exist anywhere and it can be hard to predict when they will occur. Managing risk is an important part of business: planning for unexpected losses before they occur is essential to the survival of a business. This workshop will provide an overview of the enterprise risk management process and focus on the “hazard risks” of business. Insurance is an important risk management technique, so additional information will be provided in this area.
Topics discussed in the seminar include:
Risk and risk management

  • Risk appetite
  • Risk management objectives

Risk management process

Risk management tools


  • Outsourcing
  • Loss
  • Retention
  • Insurance
  • Hold harmless agreements
  • Hedging


Gender discrimination varies vastly across nations - an outcome that most would ascribe at least partly to culture. If culture is transmitted via languages, as Douglas North asserts, grammar difference should line up with gender discrimination. This talk presents new empirical evidence that gender distinctions in language are strongly correlated with female labor-force participation and the use of gender political quotas.

What will be discussed:

1)  Female/male distinctions in grammar

  • Number of Genders

  • Sex-Based

  • Gender-Assignment

  • Gender-Pronouns

2)  Female labor force: Participation and occupational choices

3)  Female political participation and gender political quotas

Download Dr. Shoham's supporting white paper or register to attend the complimentary Knowledge Leadership Series (KLS) event on 30 July.

Dr. Paul A Pavlou, the Chief Research Officer and Associate Dean of Research at the Fox School of Business, recently earned recognition as a world leader in scientific research.
Pavlou was named one of the World’s Most-Influential Scientific Minds for 2014 by the Intellectual Property and Science business branch of Thomson Reuters, which published its list of honorees in June.

The Milton F. Stauffer Professor of Information Technology and Strategy at the Fox School, Pavlou joined more than 3,000 fellow scholars across 21 fields of study for being among the world’s most-highly cited researchers in his or her specialty. Pavlou’s papers registered more than 12,000 citations over the last decade, as he became one of 95 researchers honored by Thomson Reuters in the field of Economics & Business.

“I do research for my own personal motivation, because I like to discover new things,” Pavlou said, “but it is a great recognition that others rely on your work and cite your work.”

The Today newspaper posted the online version of its article entitled "Going Beyond Teaching Business Skills to Groom Entrepreneurs" and in it the author describes how Junior Achievement helps teach entreprenuership to the youth of Singapore.  More than 20,000 students attended programs taught by JA volunteers last year in Singapore.  This is a tremendous accomplishment, having started on a shoe string budget back in 2008. It makes me proud to be one of the Founding Directors of JA Singapore and its current Vice Chairman.  I see a great linkage between my role in JA and the kind of curriculum taught to our executive students in the Fox Temple EMBA program.

An Executive MBA (EMBA) program in Singapore isn’t just about textbooks and exams.  It’s about the people you meet along the way.  Meet a few of the Temple University alumni from the classes of 2012 and 2013 and learn what made the Fox School of Business’s EMBA the right EMBA for them.
Jenn Wood

Marketing Director & Partner
The Creative Experience
Singapore EMBA Alumni, Class of 2013
“The Fox Executive MBA (EMBA) from Temple University in Singapore gave me a wealth of knowledge, but it also gave me an impressive network of smart, ambitious fellow students and alumni.  After completing the EMBA, I joined one of my classmates in starting our own business. (The Creative Experience) Temple not only gave me the knowledge and courage to do a start up, but they also provided me the partner.  Talk about a significant return on investment!”


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