Dr. Ram Mudambi was voted by the Executive MBA Class of 2013 as Faculty of the Year.  The class cited his wealth of knowledge, global course content, enthusiasm and unique teaching style as the reasons for choosing him amongst all of the faculty in this year’s program.

Quotes from the class:
  • "Professor Ram had a rich wealth of knowledge, the research findings he displayed were stimulating and his delivery was very effective."
  • "Highly knowledgeable about the world and extremely passionate in class. Did not shy away from any of our questions."
  • "Ram was an exceptional professor…his focus was global and relevant, his experience and knowledge is current and he has a keen and questioning mind, always learning, always pushing the class to think further. The medium for which he used in class was helpful, understandable and appropriately challenging. He chose cases that were relevant to an Asian audience of global executions and fostered real life discussions."
Temple University’s #39 ranking in the inaugural 2013 Economist magazine EMBA program ranking further demonstrates the value proposition we offer in Singapore.  Temple University is the highest ranked, most affordable US EMBA program in Singapore…again.  The Financial Times rankings and now the Economist rankings show the value of the network and the return on your financial investment you enjoy when you join the Temple University Fox School of Business.  There’s space in the 2013 cohort with class starting end of September.  Invest in your future and start your journey with now…there’s never been a better time to join our program.  Submit an initial application today to find out your eligibility.

About the Economist Ranking

The Fox School of Business will be well represented at the 2013 annual meeting of the Academy of International Business (AIB), with more than a dozen faculty and PhD students presenting research or leading panels at the five-day conference of the world’s leading association of international business scholars and specialists.

The Fox School’s involvement at the meeting, in Istanbul, Turkey, starts July 3 with a pre-conference workshop, the Mid-Career Consortium, which is sponsored by Temple University and will feature Strategic Management Professor and AIB Fellow Ram Mudambi.

“This level of participation in one of the world’s major business conferences reflects the Fox School’s status as one of the global leaders in international business,” said Mudambi, who also serves as executive director of the Temple Center for International Business, Education and Research (CIBER), based at the Fox School.

Can you apply leadership from your professional life to your personal life?  Temple University professor AnaMaria Rivera says yes you can and she'll walk you through how to successfully do so.  Here's more about the upcoming breakfast event.

Applying Leadership to your Life: 7 Actions for an Extraordinary Existence

Tuesday, July 30, 8:30 - 9:30 am
IEEC Classroom

75 Bukit Timah Road, 05-15/16

Are you ready to be inspired? Join Temple University’s AnaMaria Rivera as she explores how professional leadership can be applied to all aspects of your life to create an overall rewarding life.
  • What is transformation and how can we generate it?
  • What does it mean to live life "From the Other Side"?
  • At what moment should we let something go from our life?
  • Would you rather be right than be in a relationship?
  • Are you a driver or a passenger of your own life?

Coffee and pastries will be served.

In a month's time, the EMBA Class of 2013 will start the capstone experience.  This module, entitled Enterprise Strategy Formulation & Implementation, is designed to leverage the previous 15 months of knowledge and hard work into a single course.  Here's what my classmates and I can expect:

"You will participate in an integrative, interactive learning experience that examines the roles, functions and skills of top-level executives. Focusing primarily on strategy implementation, You will integrate knowledge and methods acquired in prior courses to analyze cases from the perspective of the chief executive. In addition, You will develop and present real-world analyses of firms from industries as well known as steel to the most cutting-edge e-commerce ventures. Such analyses have resulted in some remarkably successful start-up ventures for Temple EMBA participants."

The third cohort for the Temple University Fox School of Business Masters of Human Resource Management (MSHRM) commences this Saturday.  The first module "Best Practice in HR Management" is being taught by Dr. James Portwood.  This marks Dr. Portwood's fifth trip to Singapore and his third time teaching in the MSHRM program.  (He also teaches "Leading and Managing Teams and Individuals" for the Executive MBA program).  The commencement of a new cohort is always an exciting undertaking and we are proud to welcome the MSHRM class of 2014!  There is still time to join the cohort.  Attend our next class preview to see the program in action or download our MSHRM brochure.
In July of this year, I'll graduate with my Executive MBA from Temple University.  One of the benefits of taking classes with two cohorts is that I've been able to sample a wide range of faculty from Philadelphia.  The third cohort is set to start in late July and they are in for a treat, as many of the faculty will be returning for a repeat performance.  Here's a sample of some of the professors I studied under:

Dr.  Chaganti, Temple University SingaporeRaj Chaganti

Professor Strategic, PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo

Management, Enterprise Strategy Formulation & Implementation

voice: 215.204.5675

The $50,000 Loss Prevention Education Grant will be used to develop course materials to help Temple students understand how engineering plays a role in loss prevention for property and safety risks, said Michael McCloskey, an instructor in the RIHM Department.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with FM Global and Spencer,” said McCloskey, who will develop five modules and video materials that will be included in undergraduate and graduate curricula.

“The foundation’s mission is to fund the education of tomorrow’s industry leaders,” said Peggy Accordino, chairwoman of the Spencer Educational Foundation. “Through this grant and the generosity of FM Global, we are funding the body of knowledge and resources that are available to tomorrow’s leaders.”
I never thought I'd say it, but I like accounting.  I can say this, in large part, thanks to Marco Malandra.  He's the professor teaching the second accounting course and he's done the impossible…he's made accounting interesting and relatable.  Tonight he's presenting a Knowledge Leadership Series (KLS) lecture on "The Development & Problems of Financial Accounting".  For anyone interested in the history of accounting and the issues facing the industry, this is a must attend event.  Can't make the event?  Download his complimentary white paper on the topic.  And don't worry, Marco is back next year to teach the EMBA class of 2014 so he'll conduct another KLS sometime in 2014.

Here's a quick intro to the KLS and the white paper.


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