A Dozen Temple Faculty Present at Academy of International Business (AIB)

The Fox School of Business will be well represented at the 2013 annual meeting of the Academy of International Business (AIB), with more than a dozen faculty and PhD students presenting research or leading panels at the five-day conference of the world’s leading association of international business scholars and specialists.

The Fox School’s involvement at the meeting, in Istanbul, Turkey, starts July 3 with a pre-conference workshop, the Mid-Career Consortium, which is sponsored by Temple University and will feature Strategic Management Professor and AIB Fellow Ram Mudambi.

“This level of participation in one of the world’s major business conferences reflects the Fox School’s status as one of the global leaders in international business,” said Mudambi, who also serves as executive director of the Temple Center for International Business, Education and Research (CIBER), based at the Fox School.

Other panel topics and research presentations include:

Cross-border Acquisitions (CBAs) vs. Domestic Acquisitions: How do they Affect CEO Compensation?

Omer Faruk Genc, PhD student

Advancing Research on International Aspects of Innovation Ecosystems, Consumer Benefits, and Other Demand-Side Perspectives

Professor Ram Mudambi, panelist


Global Value Chains, the Trade-Investment Nexus and Development

Professor Ram Mudambi, discussant

Corporate Social Responsibility

Associate Professor Susan Elizabeth Feinberg, chair

Cash Holdings in Private and Public Firms: Evidence from Europe

Serkan Akguc, PhD student

Professor J. Jay Choi

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance of SMEs: Moderating Role of Institutional Environment

Ahreum Lee, PhD student

Assistant Professor Deeksha Singh

Consumer-Driven Adaptation in International Markets: A Practices Perspective on Beauty Product Consumption

Associate Professor Susan M. Mudambi

Showcase Panel on Economic Geography

Professor Ram Mudambi, discussant

Concurrent Sourcing Strategy of Multinational Firms: Drivers and Performance Implications

Washburn Chair Professor Masaaki “Mike” Kotabe

A Longitudinal Analysis of Blockbuster Drugs

Thomas J. Hannigan, PhD student

Professor Ram Mudambi

Assistant Professor Andrew Sfekas

Does Language Grammatical Structure Matter? Evidence from Gender Marketing

Assistant Professor Amir Shoham

Timing Is Everything: Political Action and the Value of Experience over the Policy Life Cycle: The Case of Indian Anti-Dumping Law

Associate Professor Susan Elizabeth Feinberg

Innovation Networks in Peripheral Economies

Marcelo Cano Kollmann, PhD student

Delicate Diplomacy: Lessons from Libya about Balancing Political and Social Legitimacy

Izzet Sidki Darendeli, PhD student

Associate Professor T.L. Hill

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