Dr. Annavarjula Talks Innovation Capabilities and the International Competitiveness of Firms

Professor Madan Annvarjula, teaching the November EMBA class on Contemporary Corporate Strategy, will be presenting a one hour lecture on innovation and the innovative capabilities of a firm.  Here's more on his lecture:

Innovation Capabilities and the International Competitiveness of Firms – Deriving Competitive Advantage

Innovation and the innovative capability of a firm driven by strategic deployment of internal resources are considered key drivers of its competitive advantage leading to superior firm performance. Extant research has studied the relationship between innovation and firm performance (both cumulative and international performance) through a number of theoretical lenses such as the Resource Based View, Dynamic Capabilities Theory and the Knowledge Based View. Join Dr. Madan Annavarjula as he delves into the research and explores the relationship between innovative capabilities and the international performance of firms.

Dr. Annavarjula will identify the various firm level manifestations of innovative capabilities such as innovation generation, dissemination and strength of innovation. He’ll explore the relationship between the firm’s innovative capabilities and its performance in an international context. He’ll also discuss how the research helps us understand that innovation driven knowledge of a firm has several attributes that have performance implications.

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