Executive MBA (EMBA) Faculty

Temple University Singapore EMBA FacultyWhen you consider the depth and breadth of the experience that the Fox School’s Executive MBA (EMBA) faculty possesses, it’s easy to understand why the program is so widely respected. Our faculty is comprised of individuals who are recognized as some of the most esteemed thought-leaders in their industries. These faculty members have worked for some of the world’s most influential organizations, where they gained real-life experience that they now use in the classroom.

The faculty members of the Executive MBA (EMBA) program at the Fox School of Business are both scholars and business-minded thought leaders in their fields. They are interested in providing their students with the academic and professional knowledge that they need to solve industry-related issues, and draw upon their vast experience to bring a real-world dimension to the learning environment.

Professors who have taught, or are teaching, in the Executive MBA program include:

Temple University Singapore EMBA Di Benedetto

Anthony Di Benedetto
Professor, PhD, McGill University
Marketing and Supply Chain Management (MSCM), Managing Marketing in the Enterprise
voice: 215.204.8147
e-mail: anthony.dibenedetto@temple.edu

Dr.  Chaganti, Temple University Singapore

Raj Chaganti
Professor Strategic, PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo
Management, Enterprise Strategy Formulation & Implementation
voice: 215.204.5675
email: changanti@temple.edu

Temple University SIngapore EMBA Gershon

Mark E. Gershon
Professor, PhD, University of Arizona
Marketing and Supply Chain Management (MSCM), Managing Operations in the Enterprise
voice: 215.204.8130
e-mail: mgershon@temple.edu
Temple University Singapore EMBA Gottlieb Isaac Gottlieb
Adjunct Professor, PhD, Columbia University
Statistical Analysis for Management
e-mail: isaac.gottlieb@gmail.com

Professor AJ Kreimer

AJ Kreimer
Assistant Professor, Temple University, MBA & CPA
Financial Information Reporting & Analysis
voice: 215.204.4230

Temple University Singapore EMBA Malandra

Marco Malandra
Assistant Professor (Practice), MS Taxation, Golden Gate University, CPA
Financial Information Reporting & Analysis
voice: 215.204.8123

Temple University SIngapore EMBA McClendon

John McClendon
Associate Professor, PhD, University of South Carolina
Human Resources Management, Managing and Developing Human Capital
voice: 215.204.1910
e-mail: johnmac@temple.edu

Temple University SIngapore EMBA Mudambi

Ram Mudambi
Professor, PhD, Cornell University
Strategic Management, Managing the Enterprise from a Global Perspective
voice: 215.204.2099

Temple University SIngapore EMBA Pavlou

Paul Pavlou
Associate Professor, PhD, University of Southern California
Management Information Systems, Managing Information in the Enterprise
voice: 215.204.3583
e-mail: pavlou@temple.edu
Temple University Singapore EMBA Portwood James Portwood
Professor, PhD, University of Michigan
Human Resources Management, Best Practices in HR Management, Leading and Managing Teams & Individuals
voice: 215.204.6905
e-mail: portwood@temple.edu

Dr. Bruce Rader, Temple University Singapore

Bruce Rader
Professor, Ph.D., University of Houston
Finance, Financing the Enterprise
voice: 215.204.5231
e-mail: brader@temple.edu

Temple University Singapore EMBA Regan

Laureen Regan
Associate Professor, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management, Special Topics in RMI - Int'l Risk Management
voice: 215.204.7264
e-mail: lregan@temple.edu
Dr. Amir Shoham Amir Shoham
Assistant Professor, PhD, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Enterprise Financial Management, Financing the Enterprise
e-mail: amir.shoham@temple.edu

Sunil Wattal
Assistant Professor, PhD, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University
Management Information Systems, Managing Information in the Enterprise
voice: 215.204.3059
email: swattal@temple.edu