Double Lean Six Sigma White Paper

Dr. Mark Gershon
Published Date: 
26 Nov 2012

There are a variety of ways to introduce Six Sigma into a company, involving different levels of structure, time frames, costs and management commitments. But all agree on the basic steps of the improvement process, the five stages of the DMAIC process.  DMAIC is synonymous with Six Sigma when talking about the process to follow, the steps.

In recent years, however, new developments in Six Sigma have led to the amalgamation of the “lean” tools to bring about certain changes in the methodology and expedite the results. In this context “Lean Six Sigma” (LSS) has now become the industry flavor and many applications are being cited to show its popularity.

To date, however, the proponents of Lean Six Sigma have failed to develop a process to prescribe how to apply Lean Six Sigma.  Most articles and textbooks on LSS read like Six Sigma texts with the word “lean” added many times, especially in the title, and with some of the lean tools added to the tool kit.  But the process followed is DMAIC with no changes.  If that is all Lean Six Sigma is, then it is still just Six Sigma.

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