First Chapter of Next Generation Excel 2nd Edition (Autofill)

Dr. Isaac Gottlieb
Published Date: 
28 Feb 2013

Next Generation Excel Second EditionIn this new Second Edition of Next Generation Excel, Isaac Gottlieb shows financial analysts how to harness the full power of Excel to move forward into the new world of accounting and finance. Companies of all sizes use financial models to analyze their finances and plan business operations, as well as to create financial accounting reports like balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flows.  Download Dr. Gottlieb's first chapter and learn about AutoFill feature.

From the book: "Part One describes how Excel, the widely used spreadsheet software, can be used efficiently to help build your spreadsheet for a variety of purposes. As an MBA student, an analyst, or an executive, you will develop enough expertise to perform the same tasks you were performing before—using other means—much faster and in a more efficient way. This part of the book demonstrates tools, shortcuts, and techniques for carrying out some common tasks quickly and efficiently. This part will not turn you into an Excel expert in a short time, but by the end you should improve the tasks you can do—the types of tasks that make Excel into such an incredibly powerful and flexible tool for modeling, finance, statistics, and data manipulation.

In Part One: Using Excel Efficiently, we cover the AutoFill feature, efficient selecting, and highlighting in Excel. You will also learn how to use keyboard selection shortcuts."

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