Impact of Technological Innovation on International Competitiveness of Firms White Paper

Dr. Madan Annavarjula
Published Date: 
29 Oct 2012

Dr. Madan AnnvarjulaThe central role of innovation driven knowledge in enhancing economic performance of firms can hardly be overemphasized. Technological innovation as an accepted source of organizational knowledge has thus gained added significance as an important driver of organizational performance.

This study utilizes a broader definition of a firm’s technological innovation capabilities that include the generation, dissemination and strength of the innovative activity in a firm. They are then used to predict international competitiveness of the firm.

The unique features of this study are that it uses multiple indicators of firm’s technological innovation, it uses a cross sectional, longitudinal data along with lagged measures of international competitiveness.

Our results are quite encouraging with each factor being a significant predictor of foreign sales.  However, one factor, innovation generation, returned an unpredicted negative sign.  This is partially explained due to the nature of changes in how the underlying data are collected.

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