Office Bullies & Other Workplace Incivilities White Paper

Dr. Lynne Andersson, Temple University
Published Date: 
22 Jun 2015

A level of civility is fundamental to doing business. People tend to choose to do business with those who grant them respect and make them feel good (Martin, 1996). Civility among employees fosters smooth relationships in the workplace, promoting harmony and goodwill. When civility is absent, work relations are strained. Rude treatment can make workers unhappy, and this can lead to cynicism, aggressive behavior, higher turnover, lower productivity, and lost customers (Blau & Andersson, 2005; Cortina, Magley, Williams & Langhout, 2001; Pearson, Andersson & Porath, 2004; Yeung & Griffin, 2008). Uncivil behavior makes the work environment unpleasant, and it can negatively impact a company’s bottom line (Cortina et al., 2001; Gonthier, 2002; Pearson, Andersson & Wegner, 2001).

Professor Andersson discusses the negativity of incivilities and the insight that is needed to manage the phenomenon in the workplace.

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