Voodoo Presenting: A Finance CLASSIC! White Paper

Stanley Ridgley, Ph.D., Temple University
Published Date: 
1 Nov 2011

Whether the presentations class is in Philadelphia…or Mumbai…or Cali…or Singapore…I hear the same universal and eerie refrain from  finance students.

“Finance is different.”
“We don’t do all of that soft-skill presentations stuff.”
“For us, the numbers tell the story.”

Numbers seem to enchant business-people in deep and mysterious ways, as if numerical constructs are somehow less malleable than the English language, less subject to manipulation.  In a chaotic world, a spreadsheet exudes familiarity, a firm valuation offers comfort, an income statement serves as anchor.

For some, numbers convey a certitude and precision unavailable to mere rhetoric.  And this illusion of certitude and precision exerts influence on finance folks to believe that, well … that the laws of human nature that stymie the rest of us do not apply to them in the coldness and hardness of objective numerical analysis.

But this is an illusion. And the result is 2D presenting, full of voodoo and bereft of nuance and subtle analysis…

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