Food for Thought on Entrepreneurship

The Asia Panel Series concluded its spring lectures with Fostering Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia on Wednesday.  The panel opened with the question of whether entrepreneurs are born or made.  Each panelist had a unique take on the question, but Devin Kimble made a great point that being an entrepreneur is a lot like playing a sport: if you don't practice, you don't get any better at it.  The issue of culture came center stage as several speakers addressed the need to fail to succeed.  Patrick Liew also introduced the idea of DQ - desperation quotient - to illustrate the need to be hungry to succeed. 

Check out the video featuring Patrick Liew, director of HSR Property Group; Mike Holt, founder of Get2Volume; Sam Baker, CEO of StreetSine Group; and Devin Kimble, founder and managing director of MENU Pte. Ltd. Food & Drinks Group.

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