Leveraging Excel like a Pro

Excel is supposed to make our lives easier.  It's a powerful tool, but most people only use a fraction of the horsepower behind the application.  Dr. Isaac Gottlieb, best selling author of "Next Generation Excel: Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBAs", shares monthly tips on how to unleash the power of Excel. The tips are gathered from his extensive experience training over 25,000 analysts and professionals from leading multinational companies and from small private business corporations on the use of computer tools for risk analysis and decision making.  The October tip of the month is below or visit Dr. Gottlieb's Next Generation Excel page for the full year's tips. 

October 1, 2012

The October Excel Tip of the Month workbook contains the following topics:

1.     A better was to calculate Cumulative Frequency

2.     Show Positive and Negative values with the +/- sign

3.     Convert Text to Column – but keep the original text

4.     TEXT & Time or Date Displayed

5.     Drop Down List (Shortcut)

6.     A Grouping Shortcut for Subtotals

Download the October 2012 Excel Tip of the Month.

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