MSHRM Faculty

Temple University Singapore MSHRM FacultyStudents in Singapore are taught by the same top faculty who teach at Fox School of Business in the U.S. Our 155 full-time faculty are renowned scholars, editors of prestigious academic journals, award-winning teachers, business leaders and top consultants to industry and government.  Fox School professors are consistently producing highly innovative scholarly work.  Fox faculty publish articles in top-tier refereed journals. Fox professors provide cutting-edge knowledge in the classroom and utilize their best technology and teaching methods.

Temple University Singapore MSHRM Deckop

John Deckop
Professor, PhD, University of Minnesota
Human Resources Management, Strategic Reward Systems
voice: 215.204.4112

Temple University Singapore MSHRM Geddes

Deanna Geddes
Associate Professor & Chair, PhD, Purdue University
Human Resources Management, Organizational Communication & Information Management, Special Topics in HR Management (Diversity or T&D), Building High Performance Organizations
voice: 215.204.8195

Professor Mike Guglielmo, Temple University Singapore

Michael Guglielmo
Adjunct Instructor, MBA, Temple University
Human Resource Management, HR Metrics

Temple University Singapore MSHRM Hochner

Arthur Hochner
Associate Professor, PhD, Harvard University
Human Resources Management, Power, Influence & Negotiations in Organizations, HR Management in a Dynamic Environment
voice: 215.204.8133

Temple University SIngapore MSHRM

John A. McClendon
Associate Professor, PhD, University of South Carolina
Human Resources Management, Strategic Challenges in HR Management
voice: 215.204.1910

Temple University Singapore MSHRM Portwood

James Portwood
Professor, PhD, University of Michigan
Human Resources Management, Best Practices in HR Management
voice: 215.204.6905