Alumni Testimonial

Among the greatest assets of the Masters of Human Management Resource Management (MSHRM) program at the Fox School of Business is its students and alumni. Both diverse and dynamic in their experience and backgrounds, the students in the Fox MSHRM program possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise that enhances the classroom experience and allows for the professional growth of fellow students and faculty.  Here's what our alumni are saying about our MSHRM program.

Sara StrattonSara Stratton

Vice President, Human Resources - APAC for Moody's
Singapore MSHRM Alumni, Class of 2013


"Of the options for schools in Singapore, Temple was the most attractive to me for a variety of reasons.  First, the in-class schedule was such that I could manage work and travel around the classes.  Next, is that the entire program could be completed in ten months.  Lastly, and most importantly, was the program’s motto; “Learn it on Sunday and apply it on Monday”. This very practical aspect was something that I knew I would not only learn, but be able to apply that learning on the job.  The program lived up to the motto.  I have used learning form every single class on the job.  I highly recommend the program. The international diversity of students and professors was an added bonus."


Wong Soong MenSoong Meng Wong

Senior Vice President, Relationship Management for Fullerton Financial Holding (International)
Singapore MSHRM Alumni, Class of 2012

"For me the best part of the Temple MSHRM program was the interaction with my fellow classmates. Each of us comes with very different backgrounds and experiences.  The Temple professors did a great job in facilitating dynamic discussions and interactions to bring out the best from us.  The active engagement in class coupled with knowledge sharing by Temple professors have certainly been an enriching experience.  It helped to open up my “experience hardened” mind to look at different perspectives and explore new possibilities… The Temple MSHRM program has certainly provided me the platform to re-engage myself."

Arundhati Raghavan

Regional HR Director, Zalora South East Asia Pte. Ltd.
Singapore MSHRM Alumni, Class of 2012

"A master's degree is not just about gaining knowledge or understanding concepts. We fear what we think we don't know. The MSHRM program from the Temple University Fox School of Business uncovered so many aspects of HR and business that I didn't even know I didn't know. The program not only taught me about the latest in HR, it has given me fantastic teachers, great classmates and a network of resources to dip into."