A Manager’s Secret: How to Give Negative Feedback Positively

Is there a way to provide negative feedback so the receiver hears the message and reacts positively? Join Dr. Deanna Geddes, an expert on anger in the workplace, as she discusses a strategy that managers and HR Practitioners can employ do just that. She'll discuss:

  • Understanding the complexity of communication
  • Recognizing successful managers adopt a “receiver-oriented” view of effective communication and act as coaches, not cops
  • Learning ways to enhance employee perceptions of “fair & accurate” performance feedback
  • Identifying message forms that increase employee acceptance and illustrate manager support
  • Learning the script for providing negative feedback and constructive direction

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About Dr. Deanna Geddes

Dr. Deanna Geddes has served as a management consultant to government, financial, pharmaceutical, insurance and retail corporations. Her research interests focus on workplace emotion and performance appraisal practices. Dr. Geddes' work has been cited by NBC Nightly News and several major newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, New York and Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Dr. Geddes is recognized as a pioneer in information technology use in the classroom, including her research into the benefits of online gradebooks and class performance. She teaches strategic organizational communication, negotiation, and organizational dynamics at the undergraduate, MBA, and PhD levels. She is a professor teaching the top ranked Singapore MSHRM program.

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