Learn to Assess Risk Like your Job Depends on it!

Investing in a foreign country is rife with risks that can effect your business. In today’s increasingly global, and increasingly unstable business environment, country risk analysis allows firms to determine how to allocate their investments with the optimal risk-return trade-off. In this session, we will discuss recent events that have changed the terms of global trade, including the increase in trade barriers, tarriffing, and expropriation. Professor Lauren Regan will walk the audience through the factors that are often used to measure country risk, and discuss forecasts for doing business in the global economy in 2015 and beyond.

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About Dr. Laureen Regan

Laureen Regan (Ph.D., Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) has been recognized for excellence in both teaching and research. Her research interests include insurance distribution channels, regulation and public policy, enterprise risk management, and financial services market structure. Her research has been published in top outlets, including the Journal of Law and Economics, the Journal of Risk and Insurance, Proceedings of the AEI-Brookings Institute, the Handbook of Insurance Economics and Risk Management and Insurance Review. Dr. Regan was recognized for research excellence by the American Risk and Insurance Association when she won the James S. Kemper Foundation Award in 1999.

Dr. Regan’s teaching portfolio includes courses in the undergraduate, MBA, and Executive MBA programs in the US and Tokyo. Her expertise is in enterprise risk management, property-liability insurance, and strategic management for the financial services industry. In 1997, she was honored with the Andrisani-Frank Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching. She has conducted a variety of well-received executive education seminars.

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