November's EMBA Class

The Executive MBA (EMBA) class starts "Contemporary Corporate Strategy" on Saturday, November 17th.  This is the seventh module for the class of 2013 and promises to be an exciting and interactive class.  Here's more on the class being taught by Dr. Madan Annavarjula:

Courses Overview

Why are some firms more successful than others? This is the fundamental question that we will tackle in this course. Successful management of a corporate enterprise begins with a coherent, well-defined strategy. This course develops the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze, formulate and implement strategy effectively. We will take the perspective of the general manager, learning how to assess the external environment, as well as the firm’s internal resources and capabilities, so as to create a successful strategy. We will learn how the general manager makes the parts of the firm (functional areas, product lines, and/or geographic units) work in harmony to support the strategy and create a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. Throughout the course, we will address the complexity of leading a business in this era of globalization, social and technological change, and dynamic firm and industry boundaries.

Course Objectives
  • Develop and practice the ability to think strategically by learning the concepts, models, and tools of strategic analysis and by applying them to actual competitive situations. 
  • Develop an understanding of the sources of profitability differences among firms, as well as how firms can either sustain or lose their competitive advantage over time. 
  • Learn how general managers achieve the critical task of alignment/integration among the various parts of the firm so as to compete successfully.
  • Develop two critical perspectives: first, a global perspective on how markets function and firms compete; second, a general manager’s view of an organization and its environment.  
  • Build your skills at communication—learning to present ideas concisely and persuasively—and at working collaboratively—obtaining better results by drawing on everyone’s knowledge and experience and building working relationships despite differences in opinions and priorities.

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