Operations Module...and How I Survived

Dr. Mark Gershon knows operations like the back of his hand.  As a teacher in the Fox School of Business MBA, Dr. Gershon has taught a wide range of students "the importance of operations management techniques apply to all activities of the firm".  As one of the students in Dr. Gershon's May 2012 class, I can tell you that operations is a scary module for a marketing (e.g. qualitative) person.  Operations is one big story problem…but Dr. Gershon made the class relatable by using real world examples and he kept explaining until everyone (even me!) got it.

Operations was a lot of math.  One thing an EMBA has done for me as a qualitative person is strengthen my qualitative (e.g. math) skills by making me use the skill each month across a range of classes.  The same is true for those with a more quantitative background.  Presentations are a natural part of the Fox EMBA.  People who haven't done much presenting find themselves comfortable in front of an audience because they've done it regularly as part of the program.  By the time Dr. Gershon's class was over, I felt comfortable with decision analysis, forecasting, transportation, quality management and a whole host of other operations topics.  I leaned on my fellow students who are math wizards and with a lot of time and effort, I walked away not only with a good grade, but the sense that I could learn anything… 

Will anyone ever ask me where I think we should build a plant?  No.  Would I have intelligent questions for the operations team on how the decision was made?  Absolutely.  And that's the beauty of the Fox EMBA.

Dr. Gershon is back teaching the class of 2013 EMBA in December.  Learn more about Dr. Gershon and the Managing Operations in the Enterprise.

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