Raj Chaganti

Dr Raj ChagantiRaj Chaganti
Professor, General & Strategic Management

EMBA Class: Enterprise Strategy Formulation & Implementation
Voice: 215.204.5675
e-mail: chaganti@temple.edu

Dr. Raj Chaganti has one word to describe what it’s like to teach in the Fox School EMBA program – fun.

“I always look forward to meeting the new group of students. The in-class discussions are very lively, and what you read in the business press is echoed in the classroom. I think the participants learn as much from each other as they learn from me.”

In 2006, Dr. Chaganti was voted Professor of the Year by Temple’s MBA students and again in 2008 by the PMBA students. A member of the Fox School faculty since 1981, Dr. Chaganti focuses his research on corporate board of directors, top management teams, strategic management, strategic change, new venture creation and initial public offerings. His research has appeared in Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, Journal of Small BuExecutive MBA (EMBA) academicssiness Management, Journal of Management Studies, and Strategic Management Journal. He has also co-authored two books: High Performance Management Strategies for Entrepreneurial Companies and Corporate Governance and the Timeliness of Change – Reorientation in 100 American Firms.

Dr. Chaganti has served in several leadership positions, including Chair of the Strategic Management Department, founding Executive Director of the Institute of Global Management Studies, and co-editor of the Journal of International Management. He has organized several national and international conferences, including “Managing Financial Risks and Opportunities in Asian Markets” and “Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions – Regional and Global Perspectives.”

Dr. Chaganti earned his doctoral degree from State University of New York at Buffalo and attended the International Teacher’s Program at Harvard Business School. He also holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta.

Download Dr. Raj Chaganti's white paper "Opportunity, Resources, Team Profiles and Performance of Small Firms".

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