Why Asia's Elite is Signing Up for American MBAs

CNNMoney just ran a story talking about why students in China are flying 7,000 miles to the US to pursue Executive MBA (EMBA).  That's an amazing dedication to fly that length of time on a monthly basis.  For EMBA candidates in Singapore, the good news is you don't have to fly to the US to get a high quality, top ranked US education.  Temple University takes care of the flying for you.  We fly our professors over from the US each month to teach students in our program.  This enables people to get the Philadelphia experience while sitting just off Orchard Road.  We have an impressive roster of professors coming into Singapore each year.  I'd encourage anyone interested in the Fox School of Business EMBA to read the bios for the professors and make time to attend a class preview where you can see the professors in action.

Read the full article on CNNMoney.

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